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Transforming children andyoung people s mentalWelcome packFor schools and colleges in the 2019 20 Mental HealthSupport Teams programme .
Issue date November 2019 Introduction and contentsWelcome and thank you for taking an important step to promote and support good mentalhealth in your organisation You are one of the first schools or colleges nationally to be signingup to work with a Mental Health Support Team MHST Once recruited trained and fully.
operational your MHST will help you to improve your approach to children and young people smental health providing additional capacity and supplementing the support that is available fromspecialist NHS services This pack is provided to help you get ready to work with a MHST and includes information tohelp develop your wider approach to promoting and supporting good mental health .
Components Context slides 3 4 summary of the commitments made in the Green Paper and NHS LongTerm Plan to support children and young people s mental health Components slides 5 13 further information on MHSTs senior mental health leads inGetting ready.
for an MHSTschools and colleges and the Link Programme Whole School or College Approach slides 14 15 a summary of the Public Health Englandmodel and potential school and college actions to support good mental health and wellbeing Getting ready for an MHST slides 16 20 information on what next and where to go for.
support as you prepare to work with a MHST Annex slides 21 29 further detail to help you prepare The following commitments are in place forschools and colleges to improve children and youngpeople s mental health .
Funding for new Mental Health Support Teams MHSTs to provide extra capacity for earlyintervention and ongoing help within a school and college setting Encouraging schools and colleges to identify a senior mental health lead with a new offer oftraining from June 2020 subject to contract award to help leads and staff to deliver wholeschool and college approaches to promoting better mental health .
Mental Health Awareness Training for a member of staff from all state funded secondaryschools in England by March 2020 National roll out of the Mental Health Services and School College Link Programme trainingnationally from Autumn 2019 supporting stronger partnerships between schools andcolleges and local specialist NHS children and young people s mental health services.
Investment in NHS specialist mental health serviceprovision outside schools and colleges By 2023 24 at least an Over the coming decadeadditional 345 000 children the goal is to ensure thatand young people aged 0 100 of children and.
25 will be able to access young people who needsupport from NHS funded specialist mental healthservices including care can access it Under the NHS Long Term Plan funding for children and young.
people s mental health serviceswill grow faster than both overallNHS funding and total mentalhealth spending Testing approaches to .
deliver four week waiting A new approach to youngtimes ahead of adult mental health introducing new national services for people agedwaiting time standards for 18 25 will support theall children and young transition to adulthood .
people who need specialist mental healthservices Delivering these commitments requires major growth in the NHS children and young people s mental healthworkforce Funding is in place to recruit and train thousands of new CYPMH staff over the next five years building on.
the 22 growth since 2016 The main constraint is how fast the NHS can do this and retain staff to grow capacity Transforming mental healthprovision for children andyoung people in schoolsComponents.
and colleges key components Mental Health Support TeamsMental Health Support Teams MHSTs are a new resource funded by and accountable to theNHS They will work with and in schools and colleges to support you with mental health and.
wellbeing and to treat mild to moderate mental health issues As one of the first schools orcolleges to receive this support you are helping to develop approaches to introducing MHSTs which will help us all learn how best to do this to deliver the best outcomes for children youngpeople and schools and colleges Each MHST will comprise .
Components Education Mental Health Practitioners EMHPs each team will have four EMHPs Thetraining will help them to support schools and colleges to develop and implement their wholeschool or college approach to mental health and deliver a range of interventions for mild tomoderate mental health needs .
Supervisors senior level therapists or staff who will train and then act as supervisors to theEMHPs and work with schools and colleges to embed the support Their training has beencommissioned to run alongside the EMHP training programme Team manager each MHST will have a team manager or lead who may manage one ormore team and will liaise with EMHP training providers Higher Education Institutions .
Administrative support each team should have its own dedicated support The three core functions of a Mental HealthSupport TeamEach Mental Health Support Team MHST is expected to cover a population of approximately 8 000 childrenand young people .
1 Delivering evidence based interventions for mild to moderate mental health issuesThe new teams will carry out interventions alongside established provision such as counselling educational psychologists andschool nurses building on the menu of support already available and not replacing it The MHST will provide Individual face to face work for example effective brief low intensity interventions for children young people andfamilies experiencing anxiety low mood friendship or behavioural difficulties based on up to date evidence .
Group work for pupils or parents such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for young people for conditions such as self harm and anxiety Group parenting classes to include issues around conduct disorder and communication difficulties Components2 Supporting the senior mental health lead 3 Giving timely advice to school and.
in each school or college to introduce or college staff and liaising with externaldevelop their whole school or college specialist services to help children andapproach young people to get the right support andMHSTs will stay in education Work with the senior mental health lead senior lead MHSTs will .
and existing service providers to map what provision is Work as part of an integrated referral system withalready in place in settings and where the gaps are community services to ensure that children and young Provide targeted help as agreed with the senior lead for people who need it receive appropriate support as quicklyexample to support monitoring of wellbeing across the as possible schools and colleges or teaching about mental health in External support could include more specialist NHS mental.
the context of health education becoming compulsory health support support for autism spectrum disorder from September 2020 understanding how peer support learning difficulties or physical needs or for issues such asand interpersonal relationships impact on children and substance misuse young people s wellbeing and mental health and training Help ensure smooth transition from specialist services others to help children and young people parents carers.
and teachers to identify and manage stress and anxiety Mental Health Support Team principlesSeveral core principles have been established to guide the implementation and operation ofMental Health Support Teams MHSTs There should be clear and appropriate local governance involving health and education .
MHSTs should be additional to and integrated with existing support The approach to allocating MHST time and resources to schools and colleges should betransparent and agreed by the local governance board Components MHST support should be responsive to individual schools and colleges needs not a one.
size fits all Children and young people should be able to access appropriate support all year not justduring term time MHSTs should co produce their approach and service offer with users MHSTs should be delivered in a way to take account of disadvantage and seek to reduce.
health inequalities Mental health roles in educationYour school or college will need to assign a lead or leads to engage with the MHST and developyour organisation s capability to promote positive mental health Three roles are envisaged which may be undertaken by one individual or up to three different people depending on what.
will work best for your organisation Roles should be performed by individual s who are part ofyour senior leadership team or have their express endorsement The three roles are as follows School or college MHST coordinator the senior point of contact in a school or college forliaising with the MHST This is primarily a logistical and collaborative role involving in planningComponents.
for MHST implementation and managing interactions with statutory roles and may or may notbe performed by the senior mental health lead Link Programme lead the senior individual within your school or college who will attend orhas already attended the Link Programme training and develops your working relationship withlocal Children and Young People s Mental Health Services CYPMHS .
Senior mental health lead the senior individual from your school or college who will attendtraining to support the development of your whole school or college approach to mental health available from June 2020 subject to contract This role may or may not be performed by theschool or college MHST coordinator Senior mental health leads in schools and colleges.
Most schools and colleges have an individual who leads on mental health as part of their role 82 of schools including those with a sixth form 81 of primary and 86 of secondary 77 of post 16 education settings including sixth forms and 91 of further education Each school or college is different and these mental health leads will inevitably have differentlevels of skills and knowledge to support positive mental health and different responsibilities .
as roles are locally defined Schools and colleges are encouraged to develop a strategic senior mental health lead role Componentswith the skills and knowledge to lead a whole school and college approach see slides 14 and15 to mental health .
To support schools and colleges a comprehensive senior mental health lead training courseis expected to be available for the first cohorts from June 2020 subject to the trainingcontract See the School and College Information and Resources area on theFutureNHS Collaboration platform for information on what the training will involve also seeslide 20 .
This training will be free for one member of staff per education setting and if not in a seniorrole the nominee should have the senior management team s support Senior mental health lead trainingThis training will equip senior mental health leads to establish a positive whole school orcollege approach to mental health so that they .
Can support the identification of at risk children and young people and those exhibiting signsof mental ill health Know how to access children and young people s mental health services and refer childrenand young people into NHS services where appropriate Components.
Can improve the coordination of support for the mental health needs of young people withinthe school or college Know how to support staff in contact with children and young people with mental health Can support the delivery and measurement of outcomes of interventions on children andyoung people s education and mental health .
Can support a positive whole school college approach to mental health and wellbeing The Link Programme The Link Programme provides training to develop effective partnership working betweenschools and colleges and local specialist NHS children and young people s mental healthservices CYPMHS For a demonstration of how the programme works watch this animation .
Leads attending from schools and colleges will explore how education and health are currentlyworking together develop knowledge of mental health problems seen byspecialist NHS services and in schools and colleges reflect on how they currently managemental health issues and build knowledge on the purpose of and methods for measuringComponents.
wellbeing It will then be rolled out over four years to all schools and colleges through named points ofcontact in NHS CYPMHS who have not yet benefitted from the pilots involving relevantvoluntary and community sector organisations Schools and colleges attending training pilots have reported increased satisfaction with working.
relationships better understanding of referral routes improved knowledge and awareness ofWelcome, and thank you for taking an important step to promote and support good mental health in your organisation. You are one of the first schools or colleges nationally to be signing up to work with a Mental Health Support Team (MHST).

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