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Welcome CrookshankOpen House 2019 2020 Our Second Grade TeamCougars Believe it Achieve it Our Schedule.
8 05 8 50 Morning Routine Meeting8 50 9 00 Word Study9 00 11 00 Reading Block11 00 11 55 Lunch Recess11 55 12 15 Writing.
12 15 12 55 Resource1 00 1 30 Math Intervention1 30 2 40 Math Block Related Arts Homework.
Homework has begun for all secondgrade students Discussions can be heldin homerooms Students should also read 20 minutesevery night Monday Thursday .
Classroom BehaviorBe sure to check out the classDojo behavior management inyour child s classroom Character Counts.
Each month the districtwill introduce or reinforce District Pillars of theone of the character pillars MonthEach pillar is associatedAugust All Pillars.
with a color and aSeptember Fairnessdefinition that will helpstudents understand the October Responsibilityimportance of having good November Citizenship.
character December All PillarsJanuary RespectFebruary CaringMarch TrustworthinessApril All Pillars.
Title I is a federal program designed to offersupplemental services and supplies to schools with ahigh rate of poverty The goal of Title I is to give EVERY child a high qualityeducation .
This year CES provides every child breakfast and lunchat no cost to their families Title I can help Children be more successful in school Parents to have a voice in their child s education.
Teachers to collaborate with parents to assist theirchild s education The Basics of Title I The Title I program starts with The Federal Government.
They provide funds to the states each year for Title I after thestate sends a plan in detailing What children know and should be able to do High quality standards that children are expected to Ways that student progress will be measured.
The Basics of Title I The Florida Department of Education FLDOE receives the money from the FederalGovernment The Florida Department of Education will then.
send the money to the districts based on thenumber of families that receive free andreduced lunches Once the Local School District receives themoney from the State.
The Local School District then identifieseligible schools and distributes the funds The Basics of Title I When the funds have been received by theTitle I schools the parents administrators .
teachers and staff devise a plan to Identify students who need the most help Measure student progress using the state Develop programs that help to supplementclassroom instruction.
St Johns County Title I For the 2019 2020 school year St JohnsCounty has 12 eligible Title I schools Crookshank Gamble RogersKetterlinus R J Murray Mason.
Osceola St Johns TechnicalSouth Woods Gaines AlternativeWebster Transition Programs Offered by Title I Title I offers programs to help student.
achievement such as Additional teachers and paraprofessionals Additional training for school staff Extra time for instruction Various teaching methods and materials.
Tutoring Parents Matter Parents are important to your child s Your involvement shows How education is important to you.
That you and the school are a team The spring surveys you complete assistsin the development of activities for the How to Help Work with your child at home.
Volunteer in the school Communicate with your child the school staff Become and stay involved in your school advisorycouncil to have input in Determining goals for the Title I program.
Planning and carrying out the Title I program Evaluating the Title I program Get Involved Attend meetings and read our compact and plans Annual Title I Meeting.
Provides information about Title I and yourrights and responsibilities as a parent Describes what the school is offering to meetstudents needs Provides access to other parents as well as.
teachers for collaboration The Parent School Compact States the goals and responsibilities ofschool parents and students Title I Parent Family Engagement Plan.
Allows parents to understand and take partin your child s education Support your Title I school Learn about your local Title I program Take advantage of what Title I has to offer.
Get involved in your child s education St Johns County SchoolTitle I DepartmentPlease contact us if you have any904 547 8928.
We provide help to ALL students who are in need by workingwith them in small groups by providing state of the arttechnology and other resources Through the Title I program Mrs Marziani helps children dobetter in school and parents understand more about their.
children s teachers with the latest research based methods Thank you for signing and adhering to the Student LearningAgreement that you signed at registration iReady Assessment Your child will take the iReady assessment.
three times a year Fall Window has passed Winter Window Spring Window iReady can be practiced at home See your.
child s teacher for login information AttendanceAttendance is VITAL for thesuccess of your child We learnsomething new every day .
Please ensure your child is also ONTIME for school each day Our daybegins promptly at 8 25 with themorning news How Can I Help My Second Grader .
Read with your child Monitor your child sTalk about the book television video game Practice addition and and Internet use subtraction facts Have an early bedtime Review your child s Be on time .
planner Monday Have a happy morningThursday routine PLEASE Remember Look at your child s planner Monday through Thursday and lookout for the Gold Communication Folder on Wednesdays for.
important info and graded work Dress Code No open toed shoes Shorts Skirts should be noshorter than 4 inches above the knee Boys need belts for baggy NO CHEER GYNMASTIC bloomers with out a skirt If you are planning on attending ANY school function including a.
field trip this year please be sure to fill out the online volunteerform in advance The Giving TreeIf you are able and would like to contributesomething to our class please take an apple.
from the tree for things on our Class Wish List We Always need Supplies Copy paper Any other listed item on our tree.
When you get to your child sclassroom Please Before leavingcampus be suremake sure to stop Art .
you sign in Music or Media This concludes our presentation Feel free to visit your child s classroom betweennow and 7 00pm Thank you for coming out to support your child .
Have a great evening Our Schedule. 8:05-8:50 Morning Routine/Meeting. 8:50-9:00 Word Study. 9:00-11:00 Reading Block. 11:00-11:55 Lunch/Recess

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