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Welcome to DistanceLearning Phase 2 Mrs Berman Remember all assignmentsPredictable Weekly listed on this page will be.
sent out on SEESAW eachRoutines in Mrs day Please also check ourclass website Berman sMonday DL Class .
Tuesday Wednesday Morning MeetingThursday Friday Morning MeetingMath Check ins.
TEAMS 8 30 9 TEAMS 8 30 9 Link sent out on SeeSaw Lesson Activity with XtraMath or Fact Lesson Activity with XtraMath or Fact Triangles XtraMath or factMrs Foster math coach Triangles or any fact Mrs Foster math coach or any fact fluency practice trianglesin Seesaw fluency practice you like in Seesaw you like .
Reading spelling lessons Reading spelling Reading spelling Reading spelling lessons Independent ReadingSpecials Ss sci Writing Readingwith Mrs Berman lessons with Mrs lessons with Mrs with Mrs Berman SeeSaw Berman SeeSaw Berman SeeSaw SeeSaw Scholastic news activity Scholastic news activity Scholastic news activity Scholastic news activity.
Independent Reading Independent Reading Independent Reading Independent Reading Writing Mini Lesson Writing Mini Lesson Writing Mini Lesson Writing Mini Lessonw Mrs Berman w Mrs Berman w Mrs Berman w Mrs Berman Seesaw Seesaw Seesaw Seesaw Independent Writing Independent Writing Independent Writing Independent Writing.
Lesson Activity with Lesson Activity with SEW Lesson withMrs Berman in Seesaw Mrs Berman in Seesaw Mrs FronheiserQUEST Mr Fell Art Mrs Thomas Library Miss Thomas PE Mr Foster Music Mrs Quinn see his teacher page see her teacher page See library page See his teacher page See her teacher Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.
8 30 9 00 am Live morning Live morning meetingmeeting Link for meeting will beLink for meeting will posted on SeeSaw Social Emotionalbe posted on SeeSaw all live meetings will berecorded Wellness.
all live meetings willbe recorded w Mrs Fronheiser 9 00 9 30 am Office Hours MUSICI will be available via email and Seesaw Messages to check in at this time Quinn .
Pre recorded mini lessons will XtraMathbe provided in Seesaw Or factallowing families to create a Reading Writing Reading Writing Reading Writing Reading Writingtriangles flash cards.
learning routine that makes addition andthe most of their time subtraction Math Science or Math Science orSocial Studies Social StudiesI will be assessing student.
work and providing feedbackin Seesaw QUEST ART LIBRARY PE Fell Thomas Thomas Foster 12 30 1pm Office Hours.
I will be available via email and Seesaw Messages to check in at this time Teacher is Lesson PlanningAssessing Student Work Providing Feedback via SeeSawTeam Planning Collaboration Fridays 9 00 am to 3 00 pm.
DL Phase 2 with Mrs Berman Attend our classroom check in Monday and Wednesday by clicking on the TEAMSDaily Expectations invitation I will send in Seesaw announcements Check Seesaw for our daily weekly assignments for Students Complete and submit assignments by the due date .
Abide by CB Online Meeting Guidelines found here I will be available to parents and students each day from 9 00 am to 9 30 am 12 30 pm to 1 00 pm Office Hours.
You can reach me via email at sberman cbsd org through Seesaw MessagesClassroom Tools Our classroom will be using Seesaw as the primary mode of assigning and collecting work Students will need to access the following online tools and or apps .
Seesaw XtraMathResources Scholastic News Click the link and our password is berman2020 Math Playground Brainpop Jr user name Pinerun password pinerun .
Epic app Frequently Asked Will my child have to be online ata specified time for live teaching Yes and No .
Yes Mondays and Wednesdays will include a live morning meeting check in at 8 30 9am via TEAMS the link will be sent out for each meeting via Seesaw This gives us achance just twice a week to connect so the students can hear each other and my voice For appropriate behavior for live sessions please refer to the TEAMS etiquette foundNO Everything else will be pre recorded and posted to Seesaw so that families can make.
a schedule for work device sharing that works for them Additionally to present a clearand concise lesson a pre recorded video or video link will be uploaded to Seesaw foryour child to view as direct instruction and then complete attached activities in whateverorder time of day works for you Is there a certain time of day my.
child needs to complete work Some families are early birds while others complete work afterdinner I do ask that you try to complete assignments the daythey are assigned so that I can keep up with feedback andreviewing how your child s is managing with the.
skills concepts taught daily Work in Phase 1 was optional Is work in Phase 2 mandatory I will be providing instruction on new content and the activitiesto follow up will demonstrate your child s comprehension of.
these new skills and concepts It will be important for yourchild to complete work so that I can determine if your child ismaking satisfactory or unsatisfactory progress during thethird trimester What type of feedback will.
I get from you There are 3 types of feedback I will typically provide throughThey include to love the assignment This will communicate I havereviewed your child s work and it demonstrates successful.
completion of the task written feedback I will provide specific comments directly onyour child s work I may leave stars or a comment in thecomments below I may model how to correct an error Imaybe give kudos for figuring out a challenge .
audio feedback I may record a verbal comment to share mythoughts feedback or help a child think about something Should I be correcting my child swork before we turn it in It is more helpful for me to see the misconceptions your.
child may have to inform future instruction as if it were areal school day However giving a suggestion or asking aquestions to prompt him her is a normal part of thelearning process Do we need to review your.
We learn best from timely and specific feedback It is importantfor your child to hear from me so we can maintain ourconnection but also so your child can continue to learn and grow You may want to schedule time for reviewing feedback in yourday prior to starting a lesson or the day s work .
I am overwhelmed What should I do Please reach out so that I can help and make you feel at ease This is astressful time and this is not something you should worry about Whateverthe issue is we can work together to find a solution I am still your child s.
teacher and the lessons and activities will reflect new learning that isdevelopmentally appropriate for them to complete on their own ART (Thomas) LIBRARY (Thomas) PE (Foster) 12:30-1pm. Office Hours. I will be available via email and Seesaw Messages to check in at this time. Teacher is: Lesson Planning. Assessing Student Work / Providing Feedback via . SeeSaw. Team Planning/Collaboration* *Fridays: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

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