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Welcome to Drama Club MNMS DRAMA CLUB 2017 2018 Welcome from Kat and Shaffer Who are we Kat Shondeck.
7th year with MNMS Drama club Over 35 years as a performer director choreograph... Works at PSU Lives in Boalsburg with husband Mike and 5th grade son Evan Oldest son Justin is aMusical Theatre BFA student at Ithaca College.
Matt Shaffer 6th year with MNMS Drama Club Orchestra teacher at MNMS and PFMS Enjoys being both on and off stage Professional cellist Lives in State College with wife Melanie their 2 dogs and will become a first time dad.
in November What is Drama Club Open to anyone interested in the many facets of the theatrical arts Participation is open to students in grades 6 7 and 8 In addition to presenting workshops representing all aspect of theatre we.
produce different types of entertainment that we present to the school andthe community This involves a great deal of practice time outside the school day and we dostress that school work and responsibilities must never take second place toinvolvement in this activity .
This year sSecret to Success One Pursue the truthTwo Learn something newThree Accept yourself and.
you ll accept others too Four Let love shineFive Let pride be your guideSix You change the worldwhen you change your.
2017 2018 MNMS Drama ClubPresident Vice President Oversee the responsibilities of all drama club officers The Assist the President in a variety of ways Whether running anpresident is in charge of making sure officers fulfill their duties errand or being delegated to a large event the Vice Presidentcompletely and efficiently should stand by for any action that must be taken The Vice .
Collaborate with volunteer parent to organize the drama club President must be active in asking the President what needs tofield trip or trips throughout the year The president must be accomplished ensure all permission forms and money are collected from Act in the position of the President when the President isstudents before he she is allowed to attend unavailable If the President is unable to attend a meeting or Oversee any event the drama club undertakes during the year event it is the sole responsibility of the Vice President to seek.
Whether it is a drama club or officer meeting a play out information from the President that should be discussed at aproduction fundraisers theatre banquet et cetera the meeting president is required to attend and oversee all such events Organize fundraisers as needed with volunteer parent and Collaborate with the drama club co advisors and the drama club Treasurer officers in order to plan and announce all drama club meetings Promote club membership with Publicity Director .
in a timely manner Ensure all meetings are enjoyable Serve as activities coordinator informative and well organized Plan games and organize theinformation for the meetings Spokesperson to school and community for MNMS Drama Club Assist the drama club co advisors with whatever necessary .
While the president is the head of the club its co advisors havethe final say and are ultimately above all decisions made by thepresident Act as a liaison between student drama club members and co Represent Drama Club at school functions .
2017 2018 MNMS Drama ClubSecretary Treasurer Correspond with the co advisors to ensure parents are Sign off and approve all purchase orders and deposits contacted and available to volunteer as needed and provide Organize collection of payment and take orders for allresources for events and field trips t shirts hoodies for productions .
Keep an organized file of contact information and records for all Work with Vice President and parent volunteer on clubdrama club members including meeting attendance fundraisers Send out reminders to club members Collect and record all activity costume fees and script deposits Take minutes and keep an updated calendar at all meetings in Return script deposits as scripts are returned order to better inform those who may be absent Organize collection and take orders for all performance DVDs .
Maintain alumni contact list Take attendance at meetings Co ordinate with VicePresident Stage Manager on rehearsal attendance Publicize all meetings and gatherings one week prior to Officer elections will be held during Drama Monday September 11 2017 .
In order to be placed on the ballot you will need to hand in the application below by the end of the school day on Friday September 8 2017 Forms must be signed by both you and your parent or guardian or they will not be accepted Forms may be turned into Mr Shaffer Kat or placed in the Drama Club mailbox You should have prepared a 30 second introduction advertisement to tell the Drama Club members who you are and why theyshould vote for you for your chosen position .
What are we doing this year Mainstage Student Director8th Grade Show Production ShowcasePerformance dates Performance dates Dates TBD Spring 2018 October 27 28 29 2017 February 23 24 25 2018.
Audition Dates September 11 12 14 2017 Audition Dates TBDAlso NYC Field Trip Meetings Workshops The Addams Family Cast of Characters CAST WILL CONSISIT OF CURRENT EIGHTH GRADERS .
SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADE WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN CREW GOMEZ ADDAMS A man of Spanish descent who adores his wife takes great pridein his children and is immensely proud to be an Addams caught between hisdaughter and his wife he feels completely trapped and unable to make either happy which is his greatest joy must have great comedic timing move well and strong.
tenor vocals MORTICIA ADDAMS Beautiful leggy the real head of the family and the critical andmoving force behind it easy comedic actress with a dry wit feels her husband ishiding something from her and will use any tactic to lure the secret out a good dancerwith alto mezzo soprano vocals .
UNCLE FESTER Serves as the musicals narrator child like hugely enthusiastic andtotally incorrigible a vaudevillian needs strong comedy and tenor vocals WEDNESDAY ADDAMS Gothic in a cool way witty with a terrifically dry sense ofhumor just wants her family to be normal for one night to meet the parents of theboy she s fallen in love with strong pop belt vocals .
THE ADDAMS FAMILY features an original story and it severy father s nightmare Wednesday Addams the PUGSLEY ADDAMS A charming funny husky boy who loves being tortured by hisultimate princess of darkness has grown up and fallen sister he wants to ensure he won t lose his sister to her new boyfriend so he takesin love with a sweet smart young man from a matters into his own hands strong high vocals This will most likely be played by arespectable family a man her parents have never.
met And if that weren t upsetting enough Wednesdayconfides in her father and begs him not to tell her GRANDMA Fun and quirky but don t mess with Grandma comedic actress withmother Now Gomez Addams must do something he sstrong character vocals never done before keep a secret from his beloved.
wife Morticia Everything will change for the whole LURCH a man of very very few words often spoken at half speed most of what hefamily on the fateful night they host a dinner forutters is long plaintive groans some tinged with irony or exasperationWednesday s normal boyfriend and his parents The Addams Family Young Part is the authorized 65 .
MAL BEINECKE Stuffy father of 19 year old Lucas and exasperated husband to his70 minute edition of the Broadway musical for rhyming wife Alice thinks the Addams are beyond strange and does not want toelementary and middle schools and youth theatres spend time having dinner with them much less be related musical theater bari tenor Through a series of workshops with industryprofessionals and actual kids the Young Part .
ALICE BEINECKE Mother of 19 year old Lucas devoted to her family so she putsmusicals are tailor made for younger actors Song keys aside her own desires while at the Addams Family dinner party she drinks a potionare changed where needed songs and scenes are that causes her to let her hair down and speak her truth very strong comedic actressedited for time and content while keeping the spirit ofwith soprano high belt vocals .
the original Broadway show intact There are greatparts for girls boys and can feature any size ensemble LUCAS BEINECKE Attractive in shape young man fell in love with Wednesdaychorus who are featured throughout the show Addams and plans to marry her experiences the youthful pain and drama of younglove and struggles with the differences between his family and the Addams family .
contemporary pop tenor vocals THE ANCESTORS Male and female ensemble singer dancers who have a fun energetic and quirky sensibility Will be on stage a LOT 14 soloists strong vocals ANNIE Cast of Characters Annie A street wise orphan she is eventually taken in by Oliver.
Warbucks Spunky friendly big voiced Warbucks A successful businessman with a warm heart Rich stiff collared bullish Grace Farrell Faithful secretary to Mr Oliver Warbucks Poised sweet gentle .
Orphans The other girls in the orphanage with Annie Thesegirls are gritty neglected and vulnerable yet basically honestand potentially loveable Includes Molly Kate Tessie Pepper July and Duffy Based on the popular comic strip by Harold Servants The servants at the Warbucks mansion Includes.
Gray Annie has become a worldwide phenomenonand was the winner of seven Tony Awards includingDrake Mrs Pugh Mrs Greer Cecille and Annette Best Musical The beloved book and score by TonyAward winners Thomas Meehan Charles Strouse Miss Hannigan The orphanage matron who hates children but.
and Martin Charnin features some of the greatest is fond of liquor Very disillusioned bitter and cold musical theatre hits ever written including Tomorrow Rooster Miss Hannigan s no good brother looking for a quickWith equal measures of pluck and positivity little.
orphan Annie charms everyone s hearts despite abuck A sleazy slick con man next to nothing start in 1930s New York City She isdetermined to find the parents who abandoned her Lily Rooster s girlfriend who is also out for a quick buck She isyears ago on the doorstep of a New York City.
Orphanage that is run by the cruel embittered Missconsidered to be a floozy and bimbo Hannigan With the help of the other girls in theOrphanage Annie escapes to the wondrous world of Bert Healy The ultimate radio personality He helps Annie byNYC In adventure after fun filled adventure Annie broadcasting about the search for her birth parents .
foils Miss Hannigan s evil machinations and evenbefriends President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Shefinds a new home and family in billionaire Oliver Roosevelt The 32nd President of the United States A DemocratWarbucks his personal secretary Grace Farrell and and friend of Warbucks .
a lovable mutt named Sandy Ensemble Servants Drake Mrs Greer Mrs Pugh BoylanSisters Cabinet Members Hooverville Citizens Our Expectations Drama Club Behavior Respect each other and yourselves Treat everyone and their belongings with kindness and respect Never make fun of.
anyone especially when we are performing If it isn t yours hands off Do not negatively criticize each other s performances It s none of your business Ask any question or make comments about a given activity at the beginning or end of the rehearsal Once an activitybegins those not involved directly are to watch be a good audience and wait until it is completed before questioning Please always be on time for all meetings workshops rehearsals and performances We do not want you to miss out on.
anything we have planned so we need to get started as soon as we possibly can If you are going to miss a meeting please email Kat katshondeck gmail com or Mr Shaffer mas55 scasd org so wemay accommodate your absence if we need to Your attendance at a called rehearsal is mandatory unless previousarrangements have been made Please note if you are absent from school you cannot attend drama club the same Respect our meeting and rehearsal spaces Never touch or play with school property including props and costumes.
unless given permission Practice proper audience etiquette at all times Follow directions given by Drama Club leaders and special guests and focus your attention on the tasks at hand Keep all cell phones iPods lap tops and all other electronic devices out of sight and out of mind Never chew gum on stage .
If it s not yours DON T TOUCH IT ANY INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE OR ACTIONS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND WILL RESULT IN REMOVAL FROM DRAMA Our Expectations Theatre EtiquetteAssist the drama club co-advisors with whatever necessary. While the president is the head of the club, its co-advisors have the final say and are ultimately above all decisions made by the president. Act as a liaison between student drama club members and co-advisors. Represent Drama Club at school functions. Vice-President

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