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DINING FACILITY FILESArmy Record Information Management System Army Record Information Management System ARIMS To assist you in understanding ARIMS we will discuss issues concerningthe following areas .
AR 25 400 2 ARIMS Areas in AR 25 400 2 ARIMS that the DiningFacility Manager and personnel responsible for records review evaluation and management should be familiar with to effectively setup and maintainrecords and files Dining Facility Filing Guidance Explanation and examples of effective.
files setup file labeling and files disposition DA PAM 25 403 Guide to Record Keeping in the Army this pamphletprovides operational procedures and guidelines for record keeping withinthe Army It is to be used with AR 25 400 2 ARIMS Website Familiarization https www arims army mil.
Principles of ARIMS ARIMS focuses on the management of long term and permanentrecords and allows the business process Management to manage theshort term records Simplifies recordkeeping All records arecategorized as two types .
Short term No value beyond the business process Long Term For historical lessons learned audit purposes or research What does this mean to the dining facility ARIMS only requires aminimum of information on short term records for identification thisis the majority of the forms and AFMIS reports used in the dining.
facility In short Keep it simple Labeling and Disposition An Example of the above is The Kitchen Requisition and ReturnsWorksheet used by the shift during production Once the information fromthis worksheet is entered into AFMIS and the Kitchen Requisition and.
Returns Report is printed the worksheet can be disposed of There is nobusiness need to retain the worksheet Disposition instructions are coded and begin with the letter K for keep or T for transfer followed by an E for event when applicable i e KE or All K codes apply to short term records that are kept according to the.
business process until no longer needed or until no longer needed forbusiness after an event occurs not to exceed 6 years The T codes apply to long term retentions over 6 years andpermanent records with a few exceptions for records involvingindividual rights and interests Disposition is applied by the servicing.
Records Holding Area RHA or the Army Electronic Archives towhich records are transferred Once the period of time is met the record should be destroyedLabeling and Disposition At a minimum identification of the records should include a description of.
each record category to indicate which are transfers T and which arekeep K records Retention periods for K records will be stated in the prescribing directive The dining facility K record Retention schedule is found in DA Pam 30 22 paragraph 1 5 c which is the prescribing directive for dining facilities .
ARIMS DFAC Labeling As you can tell the new label is much more compact It also seems like there is quite a bit less information on the new label You will see that all the old information is still there but in a new form The K and the T refer you back to the guide folder formerly referred to as.
the DUMMY folder for all information about the file Managers can add to these labels but this is the minimum requirement fromARIMS The majority of information about the files is on the file guide ARIMS DFAC LabelingFILE IDENTIFICATION.
File guide labelingAll required information on the label Folder labelingOnly the information needed to identify and retrieve ARIMS DFAC Labeling.
The Guide label should contain the information listed below Privacy Act N A Event Driven No Production Schedules 1 15 Disposition Authority N1 AU 00 15 Additional Disposition Authority.
Record 30 22d Record Type Keep Permanent Record No Duration 1 yr Directive 30 22 Year Type FY09 Calendar Type NOV 08Container Labeling.
Filing cabinets or vehicles should be clearly labeled Identify on labels contents of each file drawer or vehicle Labels should correspond with file guides Minimum information required K 6 MONTH ACTIVE FILES FYXX .
30 22d Dining facility operations30 22h Ration request issue delivery and account status files What is ARIMS ARIMS is a system that provides the Army with the ability to.
manage hard copy and electronic records more efficiently andeffectively Using web based tools and technology ARIMS providesenhanced capabilities for the identification of records theindexing and storage of long term and permanent records and.
the tracking and retrieval of records stored in the Army sRecords Holding Area s RHAs Major Changes Army Consolidated Records Schedule ACRS replaced Records RetentionSchedule Army RRS A .
Consolidated 6000 records instructions Search options on website were reduced Disposition Codes K T U S and R Codes were eliminated New retention periods 0 6 years 6 years and Permanent Office Records Lists ORLs were reduced 4 5 vs 25 30 .
DA PAM 30 22 references RRS A system and has not been updated See para 1 5 Other Important Information Food Service Files are 200D files Food Service Files are kept under 3 periods.
Keep for 6 months after no longer needed Defined as a minimum of 6 months Active then 6 monthsInactive Keep for a year after no longer needed NLN Defined as a minimum of one year Active then one year Inactive .
Keep for 6 years after NLN Defined as 6 Years When keeping files or documents in a separate location ensure the locationof the file Doc is noted in the file Example If your SOP is on the shelf in a cabinet have a memo in the.
file to show its location Navigate throughArmy Consolidated the ARIMSRecords ScheduleSiteQuicktoReference.
make Guide Record Instructions Use the RRSA button next to the questionmark to find what the disposition shouldbe based off the old record instructions.
This will give you more specificguidance on how the file should behandled and what files go under what Use ARIMS to create your labels for your files and yourcontainer .
Army Records Information Management System ARIMS User sGuide Version 3 5 Old Labels vs New LabelsK Dining facility operations 04 Keep until NLN NTE 6 YR then destroy.
K 30 22d Dining facility operationsLABELs 04 Keep until NLN NTE 6 YR then destroy6 MO ACTIVE 6 MO INACTIVE200D DA Form 3034 OCT 1 15 .
NEW Destroy in CFA 0 50 years after NLNLABELs 200D Production Schedules OCT 1 st through 15th 6 MO INACTIVEKeep until NLN then destroy after 6 Months.
ARIMS DFAC Disposition All documents and file records related to Army garrison food service theArmy field feeding system and troop issue support activity operations aremaintained and disposed of in accordance with AR 25 400 2 ArmyRecords Information Management System ARIMS .
For the purpose of the Army Food Program no longer needed forconducting business is defined as a minimum of six months active thensix months inactive for all Keep K category records with no events andwith assigned records retention duration of zero with the followingexceptions .
1 For ARIMS records labeled K no longer needed for conductingbusiness is defined as a minimum of one year active then one yearinactive 2 For ARIMS records Labeled T no longer needed for conductingbusiness is defined as six years .
ARIMS and DFAC All Transfer T category records will use the ARIMS Records RetentionSchedule Army RRS A for records dispositions Transfer T categoryrecords with a disposition of no longer needed for conducting business will be managed as follows .
1 For records with a scheduled retention period of two or more yearswill be held in the Current Files Area CFA for a minimum of twoyears Review records annually 2 Records that have met the required 2 year requirement and aredetermined to be no longer needed for conducting business will be.
transferred to the Records Holding Area RHA If a K record it can bedestroyed 3 When a DA Form 3032 is used as a deferred payment vehicle generally in emergency situations it will be maintained in the samemanner as DD Form 1544 ARIMS record number 30 22a .
DFAC Disposition File Organization 6 month active and 6 month inactive files should be grouped for ease of review retrieval andmanagement of records This means Fiscal Year files and Calendar files are combined into two separategroups they are .
a Group 1 FY Files 1 October through 31 March b Group 2 FY Files 1 April through 30 September c Group 1 CY Files 1 January through 30 June d Group 2 CY Files 1 July through 31 December How it works and why .
1 Let s say we are starting a new fiscal year on 1 October 2006 07 Fiscal Year and will need to file our6 month reports for October November December and so forth Our first set or group of records will be6 month active records and filed in the 6 month active file drawer as a group Once the last report dated 31March 2007 07 Fiscal Year is filed the entire group of records will move to and become the 6 monthinactive files .
2 Files created and beginning 1 April 2007 now become the 6 month active files Once the last filedated 30 September 2007 still a 07 Fiscal Year file is filed this group of records will move to and replacethe previous 6 month inactive files dated 1 October 2007 through 31 March 2008 Files are rotated as agroup in this manner for ease of management 3 Records that have reached the end of their 1 year inactive period are now considered no longer needed.
for conducting business and can be disposed of IAW AR 25 400 2 Chapter 7 4 Records Disposal Guide to Army Record Keeping Dated 11 August 2008 Should be used in conjunction with AR 25 400 2 Describes functions of the records administrator records manager record.
coordinator and service manager Appointment orders necessary for all above stated functions Diningfacility administration NCOIC would be the records coordinator for theunit DFAC Helps to simplify use of the regulation .
ARIMS Website ARIMS website https www arims army mil Records management tools records retention schedules create office records list ORL .
print file labels A great tool to learn Utilize as needed i e file labels RRS ORL s DINING FACILITYFILES MANAGEMENT.
ARIMSGuide to Army Record Keeping. Dated 11 August 2008. Should be used in conjunction with AR 25-400-2. Describes functions of the records administrator, records manager, record coordinator, and service manager. Appointment orders necessary for all above stated functions.

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