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What s new in the Library1 The library is an extension of the2 Information Literacy or Fluency leadsto deep learning3 Library resources can be used to support.
course objectives Integrating Information Literacy toImprove AssignmentsJim McCloskeyWilmington University.
Library Director What can we do in class to help studentslearn outside of class What the best college teachers do Corridors of Conversation.
We re in this together Students Instructors Librarians Students didn t learn how to read.
scholarly papers in grade school but theyusually get little training beyond that levelon how to read KenBain What the best college teachers do.
Deep Learning1 Indication of sustained influence I canthink through problems arguments evidence 2 Relate concepts information to previous.
experience learning Natural Critical LearningEnvironment Natural students encounter the skills habits attitudes information they are.
trying to learn embedded in questions tasks they find fascinating authentictasks that arouse curiosity Natural Critical LearningEnvironment.
Critical students learn to think critically to reason from evidence to examine thequality of their reasoning to makeimprovements while thinking to askprobing insightful questions about the.
thinking of others Scaffolding We strive to provide a safe space in which to construct ideas 1 Intriguing important and even beautiful problems to solve.
2 Opportunities to collaborate with other learners to grapple with3 Work that is considered fairly honestly4 Opportunities to try fail receive feedback separate from anyjudgment on efforts Help Students learn outside of.
You have to be confused before you canreach a new level of understandinganything Dudley Herschbach Harvard Chemist Information Literacy is.
the ability to recognize when informationis needed and locate evaluate and useeffectively the needed information a survival skill in the Information Age ALA Presidential Committee on Information Literacy Final Report 1989.
An information literate person is Determine the extent of information Access needed information efficiently Evaluate information critically Use information to accomplish a purpose.
Use information ethically and legally Information Literacy includes InformationInformation SeekingTechnology.
Word processingFinding informationEvaluating informationPresentation softwareUsing information.
Spreadsheet softwareEmphasis softwareDatabase on critical discernment How do students becomeinformation literate .
A well designed resource basedassignment is an excellent teaching tool Effective assignments develop students research and information skills criticalthinking abilities and subject knowledge .
Terry Mech Ed D Information Literacy at WU Basic skills integrated into English 101Use of Library resources into course relatedassignments.
Information Seeking Skills Assignment Discipline specific skills in the majorCourse related assignmentsInstruction by liaison librarianHandouts web pages exercises.
Information Literacy integrated intoa required course o Nurs 305 Research o Each course offersMethods S Sharbaugh students an online Libraryo Soc 331 J Bishop .
o Offers multiple attemptso Bus Comm 320 L Fuller o Minimum score of 80 o Engl 102 365 N Lebright o Automated Grading.
o All English 101 sections o Library Support What course are you teaching Elective Introductionto the major Later course.
Capstone Sample AssignmentsEvaluate each of the following asan information literacyassignment .
Term PaperWrite a 15 page paper about a topic of yourDue May 10 Term Paper version 2 Write a 15 page term paper on belt buckles .
Due April 30 Conduct the research for a term paper Do everything except write it At various stages students submit 1 topic clearly defined.
2 annotated bibliography of useful sources3 outline of paper4 thesis statement5 opening paragraph and summary Research Log.
Assignment Keep a record of library researchincluding databases consulted keywords orheadings searched noting both successes andfailures Instructors can provide format sostudents understand how to structure their.
Purpose Provides a good introduction to howinformation is organized in library db s Focuseson the importance of terminology A good followup would be a class discussion with a librarianabout search techniques .
Compare Internet and Database Assignment Provide a precise statement of thesearch topic Run the search using a searchengine Yahoo Google and also on a Librarydatabase Present some representation of the.
search results and compare the findings Purpose Demonstrates the differences betweenthese search tools in respect to content andsearch strategy Library Treasure Hunt.
Find Library resources providing backgroundinformation on the following Who was Paolo Lazzaroni What year was the Emergency Anti terroristLaw passed in Sweden .
What is the Stern Gang What happened at Entebbe Who were the Tupamero guerillas Describe 3 famous hijacking incidents Using Library Sources Assignment.
Find a peer reviewed scholarly journalarticle on some aspect of infantdevelopment Do not use a web search engine You must use a scholarly journal.
available through the library either inprint or electronic Use APA formatindicating which library database used Affirmative Action AssignmentRead two articles on affirmative action.
available through the Library Database Opposing Viewpoints Explain why somewriters believe it should be abolished andothers believe it to be useful Evaluateboth perspectives and give your own.
opinion in a 5 page paper Interdisciplinary ResearchAssignment Research the topic child abuse prevention from theperspective of three different disciplines .
Find a scholarly journal article written bya psychologist PsycINFO a sociologist Soc Index a nurse CINAHL Identify each author s credentials .
Compare and contrast the three different perspectives ina 3 page paper Use APA style to cite sources Learn to Use the LibraryAssignment.
Your assignment is to attend a libraryinstruction workshop to learn how to uselibrary resources This will be useful when you have researchassignments in your courses .
Environmental Issue Assignment Week 1 Choose an environmental issue you careabout Skim through Access Science Encyclopedia for ideas Submit to instructor for approval Week 2 Research the issue and find .
2 Magazine articles Academic Search Premier database 2 Scholarly journal articles Sage Journals Online An advocacy web site Google limit to org Turn in a list of references in APA style Week 3 Develop a pamphlet on the issue addressing .
A description of the problem or issueWhy the general public should careA possible solutionRecommended actionIncorporate some points you learned from your research .
Critical Evaluation Focused Book Review AssignmentThe Satanic Gases Clearing the Air about GlobalWarming 2000 by Patrick Michaels and Robert Ballingis a controversial book .
Find and read 4 substantial reviews of this book 500words or more At least 2 must be from scientific journals Look in Books in Print Academic Search Premier ChoiceReviews Online.
Compare and contrast the reviews and identify thecredentials of each reviewer Juvenile Capital PunishmentYour assignment is to investigate capitalpunishment of juvenile offenders and write an 8 .
page objective analysis Include in your analysisglobal national and state practices and lawseditorial opinions from around the worldcourt opinions.
arguments pro and con on this issue in terms of Psychological development of juveniles use primaryresearch reports Deterrence Punishment.
Blueprint for SuccessfulAssignments1 Have clear objectives2 Make it realistic3 Have students generate a product.
4 Make it challenging Something to be proud of 5 Provide clear instructions6 Give lots of guidance and feedback7 Make it a heavily weighted graded assignment Avoid these common problems.
Students forbidden to use anything from the Internet when in factmany scholarly resources are only available online in library db s An entire class looking for one piece of information or researchingthe same specific topic especially difficult when printed materialsare involved .
Students required to use printed materials the library does not own or does own but not in sufficient quantity or online sources theyare not licensed to access Students assigned excessively vague or general topics e g women in America without guidance on narrowing a topic .
Students given obscure trivia questions and told to find the answers New Library Resources Opposing Viewpoints Sage Journals Online 360 Link.
Critical Evaluation: Focused Book Review Assignment. The Satanic Gases : Clearing the Air about Global Warming (2000) by Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling is a controversial book. Find and read 4 substantial reviews of this book (500 words or more). At least 2 must be from scientific journals.

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