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From God or Man Since September 11 2001 we have been inundated withinformation regarding Islam or those who hold the MuslimSo exactly what does this religion teach How does itcompare to New Testament Christianity What does jihad.
really entail And how does this religion treat women While many would say that there is not that much differencebetween Islam and Christianity that is simply not so During this class we will consider contrasts between thefollowing .
The Bible vs The Qur an Jesus vs Muhammad Evangelism vs Jihad God vs Allah The Cross vs The Crescent 2.
What comes to yourmind when you hearthe word Islam or Confusion On our own soil Americans experienced the.
terrorist attack in history And we saw videos of some Islamicdancing for joy in the streets But we also saw a TV interview with a youngMuslim woman saying I want to take my religion.
back from people who preach hatred My religionis not about hatred Many have proclaimed that true Islam is a peaceful Even President Bush in 2001 We are encouraged to embrace our differences and.
promote unity Anyone even questioning the construction of amosque in his or her own neighborhood is chastisedas intolerant or hateful After all we are told that all of the bombings and.
killings are the acts of terrorist extremists not true Timeline of Major Terrorist Attacks1979 1983 1988 1993 1996 1998 2000 2001 2004 2005Beirut YemenLockerbie USS Cole Madrid.
Pan Am TrainWTC BombingsWTC Pentagonbombing Shanksville Pa Dhahran London.
Saudi Arabia bombingsMilitary complex2 African Indonesia1981 7 581 2001terrorist attacks.
Source Maj Gen ChongU S Air ForceWilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio Iran Embassy Hostages 1979 1983 Beirut Lebanon Embassy Attack.
and the attack on the Beirut MarineApril 1983 October 1983 Lockerbie Scotland 1988Pan Am flight to New York First New York World Trade Center.
attack 1993 Dhahran Saudi Arabia 1996Khobar Towers Military complex 1998 Nairobi Kenya US Embassy Dar es Salaam Tanzania US Embassy.
Aden Yemen 2000 Who can forget the day that changed 9 11 2001 Total number killed in attacks official figure as of9 5 02 2 819.
Number of firefighters and paramedics killed 343 Number of NYPD officers 23 Number of Port Authority police officers 37 Number of WTC companies that lost people 60 Number of employees who died in Tower One 1 402.
Number of employees who died in Tower Two 614 Number of employees lost at Cantor Fitzgerald 658 Number of U S troops killed in Operation EnduringFreedom 22 Number of nations whose citizens were killed in.
attacks 115 Ratio of men to women who died 3 1 Age of the greatest number who died between 35 Bodies found intact 289 Body parts found 19 858 20.
Number of families who got no remains 1 717 Itis confusing for us when we hear different signals What is Islam Is it what the Muslim clerics in the US.
are saying Is it what the Muslim clerics inAfghanistan say As Christians it doesnot matter which.
version regardingIslam is true Christ ascended back into Heaven He said to Hisapostles All authority has been given to Me in Heavenand on earth Go therefore and make disciples of all.
nations baptizing them in the name of the Father andof the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them toobserve all things that I have commanded you and lo Iam with you always even to the end of the age Matthew 28 18 20 .
This commission began with the Apostles and isextended to include all Christians And the things that you have heard from me amongmany witnesses commit these to faithful men who willbe able to teach others also 2 Timothy 2 2 .
Christians today should desire to see all people saved including those who are Muslims for the invitation ofour Lord is a universal appeal This is demonstrated by the apostle Peter at the houseof Cornelius when he said In truth I perceive that God.
shows no partiality But in every nation whoever fearsHim and works righteousness is accepted by Him Acts10 34 35 Some will ask Whatabout the dangers.
Christians face fromIslamists When you meet the unbelievers in thebattlefield strike off their heads and whenyou have laid them low bind your captives.
firmly Then grant them their freedom or takeransom from them until war shall lay downher burdens Qur an 47 4 There is no nation but We shall destroy orsternly punish before the Day of Resurrection .
This is decreed in the Eternal Book Qur an As for those who are slain in the cause ofGod He will not allow their works to perish He will vouchsafe them guidance and ennobletheir state He will admit them to the Paradise.
He has made known to them Qur an 47 6 Sura 8 39 Jihad is fighting anybody whostands in the way of spreading Islam Orfighting anyone who refuses to enter into Some of us are Muslims and some.
are wrongdoers Those that embraceIslam pursue the right path but thosethat do wrong shall become the fuelof Hell Qur an 72 17 What do the scriptures teach .
Stephen this servant of Christ also proclaimed the gospel anddebated with the Jews in their synagogues Acts 7 8 9 Hisforcefulness demonstrates that Christianity is not passive itengages the opposition It also however frequently arousesopposition and such was the case in this instance The leaders of.
the Sanhedrin as well as the people generally were aroused to astate of frenzy They rushed upon the man of God and broughthim before the assembled council The infuriated mob rushed him dragged him from the city and stoned him This was no legalexecution It was a lynching .
Peter John 21 17 19 He saith unto him the third time Lovestthou me And he said unto him Lord thou knowest all things thouknowest that I love thee Jesus saith unto him Feed my sheep Verily verily I say unto thee When thou wast young thou girdedstthyself and walkedst whither thou wouldest but when thou shalt.
be old thou shalt stretch forth thy hands and another shall girdthee and carry thee whither thou wouldest not Now this hespake signifying by what manner of death he should glorify God 28 What do the scriptures teach Revelation 2 10 Fear not the things which thou art.
about to suffer behold the devil is about to castsome of you into prison that ye may be tried and yeshall have tribulation ten days Be thou faithful untodeath and I will give thee the crown of life In all reference in the New Testament to the crown.
of the Christian it is the stephanos the crown ofvictory Christ is saying be faithful unto the pointof death and even if you die you will be thevictor This is a promise of heaven The Islamic Invasion.
As on Dec 2005 Some1 6 billion people CIA fact sheet 1 8 billion Islamic sources one person in four heed Islam s call in the modern world .
fastest growing religion on earthAt least 42nations arecompletelyIslamic 31.
Did you know Comparative chart number of Muslims tothose claiming Christian faith Christian 1900 world population 26 9 .
1980 world population 30 2000 world population 29 9 2025 world population PROJECTED The Islamic Invasion MostMuslim countries have.
either closed the borders tomissionariesor have made evangelism illegal The Islamic Invasion Islam is not only the dominant religion in North Africa .
Began in Saudi Arabia But now non Arab Muslims outnumber Arab Muslims The 4 nations w largest number of Muslims today areoutside the Middle East Indonesia 150 million about the total in the.
Middle East Pakistan Bangladesh India 100 million The Islamic Invasion.
Africa 307 million Muslims Asia 778 million Muslims The Islamic Invasiono Due to the liberal immigration policies millions of Muslims have now emigrated to.
the West in search of a better life o In many Western European nations Islamhas become the second largest religion 32 France 5 million Muslims Germany 3 million Muslims.
As they increase in number their politicalstrength is asserted In Germany resident aliens aredemanding voters rights The Islamic Invasion.
Home of Europe s first Islamic guerrilla army Many of Spain s mosques are financed with Saudifunds which tend to promote the more radicalWahhabi form of Islam 90 of Spain s 600 000 Muslims are from Morocco.
Many of Spain s Muslims long for an Islamic revivalto reclaim their legendary historyA key flash point is theCordoba CathedralWhich originally was a.
The Islamic Invasion 2nd largest religious group London alone has over a 1000 mosques Muslims are buying Anglican church buildingsand turning them into mosques at such a rate that.
some Muslims claim thatEngland will be the Europe s 1 st Muslim country o The British Mosque Council claims to have 2 millionvoters o their rallying cry is .
Muslims first and Britons second Parliament has ruled that Muslims do not have tofollow English Common Law when it comes to thingssuch as divorce they can follow Islamic law instead The Islamic Invasion.
Time Canada the leading news magazine in Canada Muslims are growing in numbers and political clout Toronto has the highest concentration of Muslims in any cityin the US or Canada Ottawa Citizen the leading newspaper in Canada s capitol.
Canada s Muslims should be allowed to use Shariah law Canadian Muslims are celebrating progress The election of a Muslim to the Canadian parliament The province of Ontario has authorized the use of sharia law incivil arbitrations 39.
The Islamic Invasiono Australia Muslim population is growing at 40 over five year period more than one third of Australian Muslims.
are born in Australia Australia s Muslim community drawn frommore than 70 different countries is a well established and integral part of Australia sbroader society .
Nov 06 2005 An inflammatory pamphleturging Muslims to oppose Westerngovernments was handed out at a majorIslamic festival in Melbourne yesterday Members M US.
Recent Muslim claim27 1 Today Islam is the 3rd largest religious group in America 20 0 Only the Catholics and Baptists are larger 8 3 7 7 6 0.
10 0 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 5 2 6 2 3 1 5 1 5 1 5Source U S Almanac Fastest growing religion in the U S Expected to double by 2010 Texas ranks Fifth in number of Muslims .
Texas has 100 000 registered Muslim voters The American Muslim Council states American Muslims have arrived as apolitical force Collin County Islamic Association of Collin County.
o 7 500 Muslims are members Last April Ali Samana contested fora City Council seat in the city ofFrisco Texas On a Frisco web site Posted on.
12 04 2005 Islamic web designers compete for chance to firemissiles at American troops by remote control Where is all this growth coming from Asia Africa Growing primarily thru.
populationgrowth births According to the United Nations the globalbirthrate will soon be 50 Muslim Western Europe Growing primarily thru.
immigration Canada Growing primarily thru immigration Where is all this growth coming from US While part of the rise in the population ofMuslims in the United States is due to.
immigration the phenomenal growth of Islam inthe past 10 years has come from an increasingnumber of converting to Where is all this growth coming from .
US conversions to Islam Islam continues to draw followers at an estimated rate of135 000 converts per year 30 of American Muslims are converts to the faith Per Christianity Today in Cleveland 95 of the Muslims are.
Half of the number American converts to Islam come fromthe African American community many in prison 35 000 yr Islam groups are now highly visible on American campuses practice strong proselytizing techniquesUS Muslim converts include professors journalists politicians .
actors and athletes Who do YOU think make up American womenmake up the secondlargest group of.
converts to Islam Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has madesome of them to excel others and because they spend out of theirproperty the good women are therefore obedient guarding theunseen as Allah has guarded and as to those on whose part you.
Muslims take offense at any criticism of their religious beliefs. - They find it very difficult to understand that “freedom of religion” in the U.S. means that people are free to criticize Islam (as well as other religions)! - In their Islamic home lands any criticism of Islam (or the Quran) is a criminal offense punishable by death.

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