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World War II Important Vocabulary Genocide The systematic eliminationof a people or nation Anti Semitic hostility toward or.
discrimination against Jews as areligious ethnic or racial group Ghetto a part of a city predominantlyoccupied by a particular ethnic groupthat may be looked down upon for.
various reasons What was WWII 1939 1945 61 countries were An Estimated 60.
million deaths Why did WWII start After WWI Germanyhad to give up landand their armed forces.
Germans elected AdolfHitler Nazi party asChancellor in 1933 Hitler promised tomake Germany a great.
country again Who was Hitler Absolute ruler of Germanyfrom 1933 until 1945 Responsible for.
Germany s military Responsible for therestrictions placed on Responsible for thetreatment of Jews in the.
Final Solution Why did Hitler dislike Jews Hitler saw the world interms of race He believed that all of.
the different races werein competition to worlddomination Hitler thought thesuperior race were.
those with fair skin blue eyes and blondehair Aryan race What the Nazis The Nazis valued authority and order .
The Nazis valued emotion more than reason The Nazis valued the community rather thanthe individual The Nazis had a strong belief in thetraditional family .
The Nazis were strong nationalists The Nazis saw politics as a religion The Nazis valued the concept of a select Jewish Life Before the WarRemember always that you not only have the right to be an individual .
you have an obligation to be one Eleanor RooseveltA group of Jewish childrenMalka Orkin left and pose in their bathing suitsher friend Tusia while vacationing in theGoldberg Tusia Lova Warszawczyk resort town of Swider near.
whose father later rides his tricycle in Warsaw became a member of the garden of his The two girls on the right arethe Bialystok ghetto home in Warsaw Gina and Ziuta Szczecinski Jewish council shortly before the Both perished during the Leaving Germany.
Jews began to leave Germany because of thepersecution they were facing Why did some decide to stay Many German Jews thought of themselves as Germans who happened to beborn Jewish .
The Wallach Family Munich 1928 Moritz dad Meta mom Lotte Annelise Fritz The Holocaust Greek Sacrifice by fire The systematic state sponsored.
persecution and murder of Jews by theNazi Germany and its allies between 1933 The VictimsIt is true that not all victims were Jews but all Jews were victims Elie Wiesel 1995.
Jews Political OpponentsHabitual Criminals HandicappedHomosexuals Jehovah sRoma Sinti PolesFreemasons Immigrants.
Soviet P O W s American P O W sAfrican Germans Pyramid ofExtermination ProgressionDeportation.
GhettoizationConfiscationIdentification Examples of Jewish Identifications Exclusion.
Boycott of Jewish ShopsSA soldiers stood at the entrances to Jewish shops andprofessional offices discouraging non Jewish patrons fromSigns were posted warning Germans Beware Don t Buy from Kristallnacht.
Night of the Broken Glass November 9 10 1938During Kristallnacht SA men and Hitler Youth stole from Jewishshops and apartments By terrorizing the Jews ruining theirbusinesses and destroying their places of worship the Nazis hoped.
to force Jews to leave Synagogue in Synagogue in Aachen after itsAachen Germany destruction built 1862 Jews were forced to leave their.
homes and live in ghettos From Ghettos to Concentration Camps Concentration Camps There were two kinds of concentration camps death and work .
The Final Solution The term refers to Germany s plan to murder allthe Jews of Europe The term was used at theWannsee Conference 1942 where Germanofficials discussed its implementation .
The Final SolutionGas chamber at Camp How did WWII end May 8 1945 Germany surrenders August 15 1945 Japan Surrenders.
Poland 88 2 900 000Soviet Union 33 1 000 000Jewish LossesLithuania 90 140 000Germany 27 134 500.
Netherlands 75 100 000Bohemia Moravia 84 78 150 TOTAL 5 596 029 France 24 77 320 These are minimum losses as reportedLatvia 75 70 000 by Yehuda Bauer and Robert Rozett Slovakia 76 68 000 Estimated Jewish Losses in the.
Greece 80 60 000 Holocaust in Encyclopedia of theHolocaust New York Macmillan 1990 Yugoslavia 72 56 200 p 1799 Austria 27 50 000Belgium 44 28 900.
Italy 20 7 680 The estimated number of JewishLuxembourg 50 1 950 fatalities during the Holocaust isEstonia 33 1 500 usually given between 5 1 and 6Norway 55 762 million victims Despite theDenmark 1 3 60 availability of numerous scholarly.
Finland 2 8 7 works and archival sources on theAlbania 0 0 subject Holocaust related figuresBulgaria 0 0 may never be definitely known Sweden 0 0Switzerland 0 0.
Displaced PersonsPortraits of children in Germany A child lights a Hannukahholding name cards in search of their menorah during a celebration infamilies Their photographs were a DP camp published in newspapers .
Jewish refugees in ShanghaiWedding ceremony at a DPlook for names of relativesand friends who may have The Children.
A Loss of Infinite Possibility Listen listen well to the taleOf what they have seenWhat they have goneFor you are the new spring.
In the forrest of the world Promise of a New Springby Gerda Weissmann Klein Chaim HershSurvivor Kirschenbaum Both he.
and his mother perished inAuschwitz Comparisons 9 11 2 977 The U S Civil War 620 000.
Rwanda 800 000 Holocaust 6 000 000 GenocideEncyclopedia of the Holocaust (New York: Macmillan, 1990), p.1799. The estimated number of Jewish fatalities during the Holocaust is usually given between 5.1 and 6 million victims. Despite the availability of numerous scholarly works and archival sources on the subject, Holocaust related figures may never be definitely known.

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