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Vehicle DynamicsModeling and ControlXingchen Fan Inspiration 1 LQR control of activesuspension 2013 .
Half car model with LQR control Inspiration 2 passive damper modeling Motivation My passion for cars dynamics and control As part of process for learning vehicle dynamics.
Learn how to model analyze and control complicated dynamical systemsWhy MATLAB Simulink No black box Benefits from the control design capabilities of MATLAB Easy to be modular and have various levels of details.
Dynamics modeling workflow Understand dynamics Gillespie Rajamani Milliken Harty Bosch etc Separate into modules Define states inputs and outputs Represent dynamics in Simulink.
Clean up signal routing create new modules if necessary Test and debug steady state response frequency response etc Integrate modules Increase complexity e g add nonlinearity Example 1 linear quarter car ride.
Simplest standalone model Masks for modules Each mask has its state bus for analysis and debugging Example 1 linear quarter car modelUse frequency response to debug the model.
Example 2 linear full car ride modelKinematicsAnti roll barsSprung mass Example 3 anti roll bar.
Essentially a proportional feedback controller Credit Blundell Harty Example 3 anti roll barRoll rock only P control with an anti roll bar needs more roll damping active damping Example 4 nonlinear bicycle.
handling modelKinematics dynamicsCurrent nonlinearity Fiala tire model steering saturation Example 4 nonlinear bicyclehandling model.
Step steering input Example 5 full vehicle modelcoordinatesFour wheel ride modelhandling model.
AccelerationsTire loads Model debugging techniques Incremental development Modular design.
Use symmetry Physical intuition first principles Steady state analysis Frequency analysis Comparison to real driving data.
Control design workflow Make sure the model is as accurate as it should be Understand the plant stability damping ratio frequency response Controller design SISO root locus phase margin compensator.
MIMO LQR Nonlinear phase portrait bang bang sliding mode Compare open loop and closed loop responses Tune parameters Example 1 ride control skyhook.
ControllerFeedback on sprung mass position is not necessary Example 2 path trackingcoordinatesController Error.
Plant coordinates Example 2 path trackingRoot locus design add a zero to attract the loci of two poles at origin.
Example 2 path tracking rootRoot locus design Good performance but unreasonablesteering input Example 2 path tracking LQR .
LQR design smaller proportional gain longerlookahead distance Reasonable steering worse but acceptableperformance could be tuned more aggressively Example 3 path tracking cruise.
CoordinatesControllerPlant CoordinatesLongitudinalController.
Example 4 ABSControl strategiesCompute slip ratio Actuator limitationsABS is essentially a feedback controller on tire slip ratioControl strategies .
1 Proportional control2 PD control require wheel acceleration3 Bang bang control hold dump pump more practical for actuators Example 4 ABSSlip ratio is maintained for peak longitudinal force.
Minimal difference between effective wheelspeed and vehicle speed Directional stability steerability shorter brakingdistance on low friction surface Future work.
Camber load dependent friction nonlinear bushing Suspension kinematics More understeer effects compliance roll steer aligning torque etc Motor in powertrain Teach myself MSC Adams.
Anti pitch anti roll Platoon control Nonlinear control for nonlinear models Questions Portfolio xingchenfan weebly com.
LinkedIn linkedin com in xingchen fanVehicle Dynamics Modeling and Control. Xingchen Fan. 2/14/2017. Inspiration 1: LQR control of active suspension (2013) Half-car model with LQR control. Modeling. LQR controller design. ... Minimal difference between effective wheel speed and vehicle speed. Directional stability, steerability, shorter braking distance on low-friction surface ...

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