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Young Professional ServicesAbstract Examples STRESS AND COPING APPLICATION TO A CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE CKD MODEL REVIEWBACKGROUND It has been reported that a chronic disease in individuals e g asthma diabetes or Chronic KidneyDisease CKD or a physical handicap e g blindness deafness or invalidity may severely impede normal development .
Individuals with a chronic illness like CKD live with the threat or impairment of body functioning such as weight loss weakness lack of energy and impaired cognition Living with CKD in particular stages 4 5 therefore can have serioushealth consequences for these individuals in a number of dimensions which transcend pathophysiologicalabnormalities AIM This work aims to outline the central systems and potential coping mechanisms in individuals withTHE ART OF COPING Coping is an unfavourable person environment relationship In essence it is a process and change.
rather than structure or stasis Circumstances or how they are interpreted to make them appear more favourable isidentified as coping CENTRAL MECHANISMS Hans Selye s theoretical propositions and empirical findings provided many of the principlescurrently used m coping stress research and are often cited as scientific and clinical bases with respect to his GeneralAdaptation Syndrome GAS Hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis HPA over activation as occurs during stressful.
situations and demanding more coping reaction s can potentially affect T cells through the immunosuppressive effectsof the glucocorticoids CONCLUSION Linking hormones such as cortisol ACTH and cytokines may prove advantageous in investigating copingand stress respectively Stress coping may have specific effects with regards to T cell migration in patients undergoingkidney replacement therapies Laboratory investigations could be replicated to explore coping and positive strategies .
in order to identify how particular immune cells are influenced in a CKD population KEYWORDS Coping Psychoneuroimmunology Chronic Kidney Disease Hormones USING THE INTERNET AND ONLINE METHODS FOR DATA COLLECTION PERSPECTIVES AND APPLICATIONSAim This paper reviews perspectives and applications of using online methods for data collection in nursingBackground The data collection archetype is considered by the implementation of a specific assortment of.
approaches operated by 1 to produce records comprising semi structured dialogues and conversations or 2 toresearch spontaneous arising proceedings such as observational research or film capture 3 to scrutinizeautonomously formed resources or 4 to collect survey data Design Two searches were carried out 1 using a PubMed PubMed Central and Medline databases relevant tolaboratory clinical and medical research and 2 using EBSCO Host Engine.
Review Methods Papers were cited between 1995 and 2010 Data Sources Papers were initially classified based on study i e Qualitative Quantitative Systematic Reviews RCTs interventional Cohort Studies Case Controlled and Diagnostic Test Studies and one hundred and six 106 abstracts went under a 10 question screening process Results Pooling the results of both searches identified 73 papers were analysed using the Critical Appraisal Skills.
Programme CASP Findings indicate that with online facilities including discussion boards on websites mailinglists chat and web camera facilities video conferencing set ups or newsgroups and free downloadable software modern facilities allow researchers to considerable scope in collecting data in their respected disciplines Conclusion The World Wide Web can offer researchers fast interaction with potential participants the facility anddexterity in which data are collected depends upon type Freely available software and applications now allow.
flexibility in the development of qualitative data collection methods in nurse research Keywords Nursing Midwives Nurses Research Qualitative Quantitative Online Data Collection World WideWeb Internet The Importance of Renal Diagnostic Screening in Community Pharmacy Future Role of the Community Pharmacist Subject Review.
BackgroundChronic Kidney Disease CKD is on the rise in all ethnicities This is because of the increased prevalence ofobesity diabetes mellitus the metabolic syndrome and the inadequate control of elevated blood pressureand other cardiovascular renal risk factors Evidence also highlights that this disease negatively impactsquality of life and places an enormous financial burden on the health care system for the provision of care.
to patients Thus it is of utmost importance to devise strategies that prevent CKD and delay progressiveloss of renal function in the wider population The aim of this work is to highlight the importance of renal screening in the community pharmacy setting isnovel and important in preventing CKD Hypothesis.
Evidently the community pharmacist can now readily implement tests for high blood glucose cholesterol and monitor blood pressure Since the implementation of the NPC 2005 instigated by the Primary CareTrust PCT and Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee PSNC the community pharmacist cannow provide Enhanced Services It would be advantageous to explore a feasible renal screening programmein the community pharmacy setting .
DiscussionScreening used to be solely provided by local general practice surgeries It would be advantageous if therewas a link between the pharmacy environment and hospital laboratory service if more sophisticated testssuch as serum creatinine and urine tests are to be implemented i e proteinuria in diabetic patients Thereshould be more collaborative systems in place to support primary care work load where renal screening is.
concerned ConclusionA local screening programme in the community pharmacy setting will preclude late referrals for high riskpatients of suspected CKD Ultimately screening high risk patients would be feasible and a cost effectiveprocedure High risk patients need to also do more self care .
Renal Screening Community Pharmacy Creatinine Proteinuria New Pharmacy Contract Cost Effectiveness The Need to Consider Renal Health in Transfusion Care and Research to Inform Best PracticeBackground An estimated 15 million patients in England have at least one Long Term Condition LTC or ChronicIllness CI The numbers of patients with multiple LTCs CIs is set to rise from 1 9 million in 2008 to 2 9 million in2018 1 Some patients cannot receive transfusion owing to antibodies antigens or being immunocompromised.
1 The treatment and care guidelines for managing care in such patient s ranges between centres 2 3 5 Aims 1 To provide context of Leadership and Management in transfusion care practices 2 To understand what furthercare is required for patients with LTCs CIs 3 Highlight what practices would support the development oftransfusion care guidelines and 4 Provide an understanding of treatment alternatives taking renal insufficiency intoconsideration Methods 450 abstracts were identified 274 papers were cross examined using a Critical Appraisal.
Skills Programme CASP 2015 82 papers were evaluated to 1 understand what needs more consideration forpatients with LTCs CIs 2 what practices would help develop transfusion care guidelines and 3 provide anunderstanding of present indications for RBTs Themes Derived 1 Lack of Renal Health in Transfusion CareStrategies for Patients with Chronic Illnesses 2 Managing Anaemia in the Chronically Ill Complex Care Patient 3 Alternatives and Indications to RBTs and 4 The Importance of Research in Leadership and Management .
Leadership and Management Scientists are needed who can contribute through multidisciplinary teams MDTs using evidence based understanding prompting practice to become more rounded This will shift the paradigm ofleadership and management wherein future leaders challenge the status quo and to inspire and persuade frontlinestaff colleagues Discussion Longitudinal studies are required to understand whether patients would benefit fromreplacement options Conclusion Scientists with transfusion expertise and leadership aptitude will be needed to.
enhance the importance of understanding renal health and sensitivity of laboratory tests through MDT efforts Modern laboratory practices are now extending leadership functions across departments and teams in mostorganizations Good management will thus also require input from colleagues at all level to achieve formalconsensus and help form robust renal transfusion guidelines Keywords Blood Transfusion Renal Health Research Leadership Management Guidelines Best Practice Red Blood Cells Truncated to 340 words .
Department of Health 2012 Long Term Conditions Compendium of Information 3rd ed London Department of Health Available at www dh gov uk prod consum dh g... accessed June 2015 Barnett K Mercer S Norbury M Watt G Wyke S Guthrie B 2012 Epidemiology of multi morbidity and implications for healthcare research and medical education a cross sectional study The Lancet Vol 380 no 9836 pp 37 43.
Corwin H L 1999a Blood transfusion in the critically ill patient Dis Mon 45 10 409 426Corwin H L 1999b Blood transfusion first do no harm Chest 116 5 1149 1150Corwin H L 2005 Transfusion practice in the critically ill can we do better Crit Care Med 33 1 232 233 Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome HUS Clinical Medicine versus Clinical AnatomyHaemolytic Uraemic Syndrome HUS is an acquired disorder affecting mainly infants and children The triad of this.
clinical syndrome is defined by 1 Thrombocytopenia 2 Thrombotic or Microangiopathic Haemolytic Anaemiawith schistocytes and 3 Acute Renal Failure ARF which can develop into Chronic Kidney Disease CKD The aim ofthis article is to provide an editorial commentary on the Clinical Medicine versus Clinical Anatomy of HUS HUS is the most common cause of Acute Renal Failure ARF in children with an equal sex incidence Sherbotie etal 2000 The annual incidence of VTEC infection varies geographically it can range from 1 to 30 cases per 100 000.
in industrialized countries It is a rare syndrome post puberty but it is also closely related to ThromboticThrombocytopenia TTP which is common in adults The annual incidence of the Verocytotoxin producingEsherichia coli VTEC infection varies geographically from year to year ranging from 1 30 cases per 100 000 inindustrialized countries and is associated with HUS HUS occurs in sporadic cases epidemics in Hamburg 2011 there was an outbreak of more than 900 cases The disease has seasonal variation being more common in the.
warmer months in children Renal histopathology is characterized by abnormal morphology applicable to afferent arterioles and glomeruli Theglomeruli show evidence of global sclerosis and glomerular thrombotic microangiopathy endothelial cell swelling capillary wall thickening and glomerular basement membranes also evident Interstitial fibroedematous change andtubular atrophy are marked Arterial arteriolar and capillary lumina are narrow with obstruction and intimal.
thickening The nature of vascular involvement in the kidneys supports the hypothesis that HUS is mediated bysystemic toxemia and endothelial cells are the primary target cells owing to action of Verocytotoxin Histopathological findings provide clues not only to the diagnosis but also in the support of prognosis Diffusetubular interstitial change and global sclerosis indicate the degree of blood flow obstruction and prognosis Renalblood flow obstruction caused by diffused arterial and arteriolar luminal stenosis may lead to irreversible changes.
in renal pathologyKeywords Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome HUS Clinical Medicine Clinical Anatomy Chronic Kidney Disease AcuteRenal Failure HaematologyTwo searches were carried out 1) using a PubMed, PubMed Central, and Medline, databases relevant to laboratory, clinical and medical research and 2) using EBSCO Host Engine . Review Methods: Papers were cited between 1995 and 2010. Data Sources:

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