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A recent explosion of academic interest in comic books and graphic novels has stirred the creation of comics curricula nationwide. Several colleges and universities are now offering courses in comics literature, and high school teachers are exploring graphic novels as a new way to stimulate young readers’ interest in literature...Comics have ...

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Introducción: El protocolo pues, explicará el funcionamiento de las historietas como formadoras de valores y promotoras de cambios individuales y sociales, por lo cual llevan su mérito propio y se vuelven libros. Igualmente se explica el buen uso que pueden tener como: "Historietas promotoras de la lectura", junto con su programación y diseño.

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Comics and Politics. In his study La historietas en el mundomoderno.Oscar Masotta defends the comic genre against detractors both on the left and right. Leftists such as Victoria Ocampo accused them as being reactionary and ahistorical, while those on the right feared their corrupting influence on youth.

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Unit 9 Researching the world of graphic novels and comics

What the checklist says: You must look at different companies from various countries that produce comics. You must look at a range of characters (a minimum of two) from each company and research the work of the writers/pencilers of each.You must explore: Companies (e.g. DC Comics, Manga Entertainment, Marvel Comics, 2000 AD, DC Thompson, Fleetway Press, Image Comics)

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Superman The Power of Comics

Comics of the Golden Era. Lasted roughly from the late 1930s-1959. In the Golden Era comics were not limited to children, but had mass appeal amongst adults as well. Comic creators used their comics to advance very specific visions. They served as entertainment, but also attempted to modify and shift cultural conventions

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Historical Development of Comics

Historical Development of Comics Golden Age of Comics Late 1930’s – Early 1950’s Development of stereotypical “superhero” motif Every hero has strengths and weaknesses Secret identities; costumes; masks Every hero has specific origination myth Comic style art Simplistic, straightforward, basic colors Heroes are associated with specific symbols Clear division of right/wrong, good/evil ...

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Comics as a Mass Medium

What are comics? A comic is a series of words and pictures that is presented in a sequential manner to form a narrative.. Comic books use everyday language in dialogue balloons to communicate a point quickly and directly by using a series or sequence of pictures, a cast of characters that the audience can relate to, and lots of dialogue and text within the picture.

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How to Read Comics

The Vocabulary of Comics. Face: One of the most important uses of icons is for faces. Simple drawing of a face can communicate a great deal, especially when you consider how it is drawn. As readers, we must pay attention to facial expression. because they give us “windows into the mind” of the . characters.

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Cell Division Comics

Cell Division Comics activity. You are going to create a comic strip that all about cell division. Your comic can be funny, colorful, artsy, whatever - but it’s important that you demonstrate to me and your reader that you understand cell division. Be sure to include scientific vocabulary and rich details!

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Book Review of Understanding Comics

Review of Understanding Comics Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud Review by Jason I. Hong Group for User Interface Research UC Berkeley Understanding Comics A comic book about comics In reality Techniques in visual design Analyzes how abstractions, time, motion, and emotions work in a “non-interactive” medium Relation to Human-Computer Interaction?

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POW Using Comics and Graphic Novels in Your Classroom

Any classic novel in graphic form- Treasure Island, Tom Sawyer, Frankenstein, Call of the Wild, Black Beauty. Genre Study: Comics and Graphic Novels. Introduction text. Class noticings. Structure. Punctuation. Text features. Craft. Close Study- Graphic Novels. Mini-lessons:

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History of Comics

Begin by copying a book or movie, then change it so it becomes very different n(fan fiction). Start with a location that you are interested in (dark ages, Detroit, zoo, etc.) . Steps in Creating a Comic Book

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Peanuts Comic features a precocious, highly intelligent six year old (Mafalda)of liberal sensibilities, parents, and classmates. Each of the characters represents a certain dimension of Argentine society.

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