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Obesity Medicine Ambassadors What is Obesity Medicine

PROS. CONS “Obesity is a complex, multifactorial disease that develops from the interaction between genotype and the environment.Our understanding of how and why obesity occurs is incomplete; however, it involves the integration of social, behavioral, cultural, and physiological, metabolic, and genetic factors”. 1998 - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

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Faculty of Medicine Introduction to Community Medicine

Oxford English Dictionary – the condition of body or some part of organ of body in which its . functions are disrupted or deranged. Ecologically – ‘a . maladjustment of human organism to the environment ’ Simplest definition – ‘ opposite to Health’.

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The gut has it’s own nervous system – a network of 500 million nerves (more than are in the spinal cord). These nerves signal the gut to make digestive juices and to churn and move food through. In stressful situations, the gut’s nerves are quieted.

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LSU Internal Medicine Case Conference School of Medicine

LSU Internal Medicine Case Conference “RAPID RESPONSE” 11/06/2012. Mallory Smith, MD PGYI ( Internal Medicine & Pediatrics)/ Scott Laura, MD PGYI (Internal Medicine)

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LSU Medicine Case Conference School of Medicine

Courtney Austin, MD. PGY-4. LSU Internal Medicine & Pediatrics. LSU Internal Medicine Case ConferenceMay 1st, 2012

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Narrative Medicine literature and family medicine education

Charon R. Narrative Medicine. Oxford University Press 2006. Stewart M, Brown JB et al. Patient Centred Medicine. Radcliffe 2014. Freeman T, McWhinney’s Textbook of Family Medicine 4th ed. Oxford University Press 2016. Launer J. Narrative-based primary care> Radcliffe 2002

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Faculty of Medicine Introduction to Community Medicine

National income accounts measure income in a narrow sense “ Full income ” is a broader concept that . values income accounting as well as mortality risk. We used “full income ” approach to better assess health’s contribution to a nation’s economic well-being. income growth. value life years gained (VLYs) in that period. change in ...

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 Faculty of Medicine Introduction to Community Medicine

under the community medicine umbrella . Name . nutrient categories. according to their physiologic roles, and outline the ecology of malnutrition with differentiation characterization of the various types and classes of nutritional disorders. Identify . nutrition-risk groups

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Faculty of Medicine Introduction to Community Medicine Course 31505201 Unit 2 Nutrition and Nutrition Assessment and Diet Assessment of Nutritional Status Anthropometric Assessment

Faculty of MedicineIntroduction to Community Medicine Course(31505201)Unit 2 Nutrition and Nutrition Assessment and DietAssessment of Nutritional Status.Anthropometric Assessment. By . HatimJaber. MD MPH JBCM PhD. 4-10-2016

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 Compliance Program Policy Resources UW Medicine ComplianceUW Medicine Compliance

Remove data prior to disposal, recycling, or reassignment of electronic devices (e.g., fax machine, biomedical device, desktop computer, or mobile device) Empty your electronic trash bin regularly Deleted files and emails may still exist on your device until you empty the trash bin

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Faculty of Medicine Introduction to Community Medicine Course 31505201 Unit 3 Public Health Environmental Health Functions and Achievements of public Health

Public health is a combination of scientific disciplines (e.g., epidemiology, biostatistics, laboratory science, social science, demography) and skills and strategies (e.g., epidemiological investigations, planning and management, intervention, evaluation) that are directed to the maintenance and improvement of the health of people.

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Nuclear Medicine Physics

COR correction is used when reconstructing tomographic data to correct for minor misalignment between the center of the image and the axis of rotation. COR corrections are stored in a correction table and are applied automatically after a data set has been acquired. 2015 Nuclear Medicine Physics for Radiology Residents Sameer Tipnis, PhD, DABR

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Department of Medicine Faculty Meeting February 28 2017

March 7th from 12-1pm in Wilkins. U. sing Your Time Wisely to Achieve Your Career Goals: Strategically saying yes and no. Josee Dupuis. March 23rd from 12-1pm in Evans 118. CV Boot Camp: Have your CV reviewed by members of the A&P Committee. March 23rd from 5-6pm in Evans Seminar Room (112A)

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FileNewTemplate Obesity Medicine Association

Intent of Use. The Pediatric Obesity Algorithm 2018/2019 is intended to be a “living document” updated as needed. It is intended as an educational tool to assist in the translation of medical science and the clinical experience of the authors towards assisting health care professionals improve management of their pediatric patients with overweight and obesity.

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Medicine lv loma vesel gas un izgl totas sabiedr bas veido an

The Vortal as a Part of the Health Information System What is is a health care industry vortal. is active since 2004. creates a link between a large audience and medicine and health care professionals. This communication gives society an opportunity to acquire information and to become educated.

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Assessing Herbal Medicine Research Productivity

Assessing Herbal Medicine Research Productivity Chia-Yu Wu1*, Yee-Shuan Lee2 and Yuh-Shan Ho1# 1School of Public Health, Taipei Medical University 2Bibliometric Centre, Taipei Medical University - Wan-Fang Hospital Introduction

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Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura School of Medicine

Cheng Y, Wong RS, Soo YO, et al. Initial treatment of immune thrombocytopenic purpura with high-dose dexamethasone. N Engl J Med. 2003; 349: 831-6. Hou Y, Feng Q, Xu M, et al. High-dose dexamethasone corrects impaired myeloid-derived suppressor cell function via Ets1 in immune thrombocytopenia.

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Pediatric Shock School of Medicine

Pediatric Shock Recognition, Classification and Initial Management Critical Concepts Course Recognition and Classification Initial Management of Shock Final Thoughts Recognize compensated shock quickly- have a high index of suspicion, remember tachycardia is an early sign. Hypotension is late and ominous.

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Sickle Cell Anemia Thalassemia School of Medicine

The pregnancy-related mortality rate in women with sickle cell anemia is between 0.5% and 2%. Because of the associated increased fetal morbidity and maternal mortality, pregnancy in women with sickle cell disease should be managed by a team of medical personnel, including an obstetrician, internist, and hematologist.

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Blood Products and Bloodless Medicine Duke University

Question 2. You are the nocturnist, called on a 32 yo female patient with vasoocclusive crisis with Hgb SS. A page from RN states that the patient developed a fever to 38.1, hypotensive to 80/50, and severe respiratory distress with RR of 30/min and SPO2 of 81%.

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