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Coding Games in Python Python Tutorial Java Tutorial

A file that ends in .py is a Python . script or module: a text file that contains Python code. Writing A Complete Program. Offline, you can create Python scripts with any simple text editor. For example, on Windows, you can use notepad. On a Mac, textEdit.

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Markov Chain Algorithm in Perl

Markov Chain Origins Andrey Markov (1856-1922) Russian mathematician Notable for theory on stochastic (random) processes, later known as Markov chains Many real world applications Markov Text Generator Generate superficial “real-looking” text using sample document Mark V Shaney Used by spammers to inject “real-looking” hidden paragraphs ...

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Regular Expressions in Perl Part 1

Karthik Sangaiah Developed by Larry Wall “There’s more than one way to do it” “Easy things should be easy and hard things should be possible” Main purpose of Perl was for text manipulation Regular Expressions fundamental to text processing String that describes a pattern Simplest regex is a word A regex consisting of a word matches any string that contains that word Ex: “Hello ...

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Intro to Object Oriented Perl

Intro to Object Oriented Perl Packages, Modules, Classes * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Packages Analogous to namespaces provide a virtual "location" for subroutines and global variables ALL package variables are global variables Default package is main All other packages declared with package keyword Using Packages #!/usr/bin/env perl use warnings; #note – no use ...

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Perl for Pipeline Boston University

Perl and a huge collection of Perl Modules are free software (either GNU General Public License or Artistic License). Perl is very efficient in TEXT and STRING manipulation i.e. REGEXP. It is a language that combines the best features from many other languages and is very easy to learn.

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Home Automation with Perl and X10

Home Automation with Perl and X10 Mike Schilli, Yahoo! 06/25/2007 What’s X10? Sender sends signals over power lines Receiver switches electrical devices on/off Cheap Technology Sender $10 Receiver $10 What can you do with X10?

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Perl TAU

Title: Perl Author: Max Shatsky Last modified by: Administrator Created Date: 9/27/2001 8:55:21 AM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles

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Strings and Patterns in Perl

Strings and Patterns in Perl Ellen Walker Bioinformatics Hiram College

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PERL Szeged

A Perl kifejlesztésének célja: „Egyszerű dolgokat egyszerűen!” Egyszerű, de ugyanakkor gazdag és teljes programozási nyelv Bármilyen programozási feladat megoldható vele, a legtöbb egyszerűbben, mint más nyelvekkel Bioinformatikai felhasználásra speciális eszközöket fejlesztettek ki (Perl) scriptek összehasonlítása ...

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PowerPoint pr sentation PERL EASJ

DEFINITION. Alle ved hvad information er… Lidt mere formelt: Data: et sæt af værdier, f.eks. 0010010011. Information: det vi tolker data som, given en specifik kontekst

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Lecture 2 Perl and databases

Lecture 2. Perl

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Getting Started with Perl

Replaced by PHP and Python. Syntax is very different from other languages. Programming constructs programmers expect are non-supported. Subroutines are available, but weak. Object-oriented techniques are available, but weak and slow. Perl is not suitable for large scale, multi-developer projects. Perl 6 has been coming next year for the last ...

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PowerPoint Presentation Perl in a Day Peeking Inside

makes a new line (inside "double quotes") print "Hello, World! "; Many Perl scripts start with a #! line For now, ignore this The -w is like typing "use warnings" * Perl in a Day - Introduction * First Perl Program II “;” is used at the end of each command A command is usually one line But multi-line commands, multi-command lines OK ...

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PERL people cs vt edu

PERL The Scripting Programming Language

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Perl for Pipeline Part I

Embedded Perl documentation system in ‘POD’ (Plain Old Documentation) format. Mostly written for Perl library modules: perldocperldoc # how to use perldoc. perldocperlintro # perl introduction for beginners. perldocperltoc # Perl table of contents. perldocperl # overview of Perl. perldocperlfunc # Full list of Perl functions

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PERL Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Perl is a high-level general purpose Unix based scripting language. Named “Perl” after the Parable of the Pearl in the Gospel of Matthew. Occasionally backronymed. Practical Extraction and Report Language. Derived heavily from C.

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MySQL Optimization Perl

Considerations Dump or Raw Backup On-line of Off-line Table Types and Consistency Storage Requirements Replication Dump or Raw Backup Dumps Can be performed remotely Take a lot of space CPU intensive and slower Are plain SQL, so easy to use later Can do selective restore Works for any table type Raw Backups Faster, there is no translation ...

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CGI scripting. Graphics programming. System administration. Network programming. Bioinformatics. Lovingly referred to as the “Swiss army chainsaw of programming languages”, as well as the “duct tape that holds the internet together”. ity

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Perl Information and Computer Science

A command-line interface gives you access to these functions, but only one at a time A scripting language is a “wrapper” language that integrates OS functions Major scripting languages UNIX has sh, Perl Macintosh has AppleScript, Frontier Windows has no major scripting languages probably due to the weaknesses of DOS Generic scripting ...

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Wrapping C with Perl

Wrapping C++ with Perl Brian Magill March 2009 SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator) Wraps C++ with Perl or other computer languages Generates the connecting wrapper code for both C++ and Perl (or other target language). C++ code then compiled and linked into a library Perl scripts call Perl wrapper, which in turn calls C++ library ...

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