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Object Oriented Programming Konsep awal programming Basic

( Pada tahun 1999 lahirlah UML versi 1.3, menjadi 9 buah diagram, dengan penambahan Business use case diagram Pada May 2001 lahirlah UML versi 1.4, menjadi 10 buah diagram, dengan penambahan Object Diagram Pada tahun 2002 lahirlah UML versi 2.0, menjadi 13 buah diagram,dengan penambahan dan penggantian yaitu : Use case diagram ...

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P505 Programming Languages Lecture 1 Intro Caml functional programming

Another view: A language is an API with few functions but sophisticated data. Conversely, an interface is just a stupid programming language. Our API… type source_prog type object_prog type answer val evaluate : source_prog -> answer val typecheck : source_prog -> bool val translate : source_prog -> object_prog Summary so far We will study ...

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Programming Languages amp Software Engineering

Rhys Price Jones, George Washington Univ. Junior-level PL course. Todd Millstein, UCLA [next term] Master’s program assuming no CS background. David Matuszek, Univ. Pennsylvania [in progress] Data structures in C++. Steve Wolfman, UBC [in progress] A CS1 lab on parallelism. Curt Clifton, Rose-Hulman. Intro material in a senior-level/Master ...

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Applications of Dynamic Programming and Heuristics to the

Branch & Bound A branch-and-bound procedure requires two tools. The first one is a splitting procedure that, given a set S of candidates, returns two or more smaller sets S 1, S 2, … whose union covers S. Note that the minimum of f(x) over S is min{v 1, v 2, …}, where each v i is the minimum of f(x) within S i.

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Integer Programming

Improved Branch and Bound algorithm (essentially a best-first-search algorithm) Build the root node, which is the original IP. Solve the relaxed LP of the node. Return null if infeasible. Given solution 𝒙𝐿𝑃∗ and optimal objective value 𝑦𝐿𝑃∗ of the relaxed LP

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Perspective on Parallel Programming

How differs from IEEE 754 FP? Vector vs. scalar speed? Min. size vector faster than scalar loop? What meant by “long vector vs. short vector” computer? Relative speed to other computers? Of its era? Pentium-4 or AMD 64? General impressions compared to today’s CPUs 41 42 43 12 functional units – typically 6 to 8 80 MHz?

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Introduction to Parallel Programming

Thread 3. Thread 0. Thread 1. Thread 2. Thread 3. m x n . n x 1 . m x 1 . Each thread gets m/p rows. Time taken is proportional to: (mn)/p : per thread. No need for any synchronization (static scheduling will do)

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Web Servers amp Server side Programming

Intro. to Server-Side Programming. Application Architecture Evolution. Three distinct era’s of application architecture. ... without needing to reload/refresh the page. ... Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform supporting objects, parallel processing across multiple application servers, etc ...

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ARC306 Architecture of Predictive Programming

Microsoft supports Suite-B only in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and R2, and Vista Internally Windows does not use weaker algorithms than Suite-B But, of course, you can if you wish – please don’t except for backwards compatibility

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CSC 2231 Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming

CSC 2231: Parallel Computer Architecture and ProgrammingMemory Hierarchy & Caches. Prof. Gennady Pekhimenko. University of Toronto. Fall 2017. The content of this lecture is adapted from the lectures of

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Attracting Kids to Computer Science via Programming in

Alice Programming Language Create interactive stories or games Learn programming in an easy way, drag-and-drop your code Learn computer science concepts: Loops, classes, methods, functions, arrays Developed at Carnegie Mellon University Professor Randy Pausch Alice is free: Alice Programming Language Has libraries of 3D objects ...

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Introduction to Programming GitHub

E.g., Autonomous helicopter, handwriting recognition, most of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision. Machine Learning. Grew out of work in AI. New capability for computers . Examples: Database mining . Large datasets from growth of automation/web.

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Integrating Art Therapy into School Aged Programming

As defined by the American Art Therapy Association (2011), “Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art making, within a professional relationship, by people who experience illness, trauma, or challenges in living, and by people who seek personal development.

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Linear Programming Cornell University

Programación Lineal Charles Nicholson ... potreros tiene que ser menos de la cantidad de terreno disponible en pastos 1.0*Número de vacas con 1500 kg/año + 1.5*Número de vacas con 2000 kg/año + 2.0*Número de vacas con 2500 kg/año ≤ 15 ha, el total disponible en el rancho Restricción de mano de obra El total de mano de obra requerido ...

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C Programming AndroBench

Course Basics. Instructor. Joonwon Lee. joonwon at skkuedu. 031 299 4592. Semiconductor Bldg 400626. TA. 한용섭. 조형일. Lectures. 1~2 hours lectures at 400112

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Programming by Sketching

C 5. C 4. C 3. C 2. C 1. SBit 1. SBit 2. Sbit 3. Sbit 4. Hours. Words per microsecond. First Solution Performance. C 5. C 4. C 3. C 2. C 1. SBit 1. SBit 2. SBit w sketching. Sbit 3. Sbit 4. Cref. Quadratic Regression. Quad Reg Sketch. FULL. Tasks/Hour. Words per microsecond. Performance over Time. C PPC. Sketching PPC. Coding Speed (Tasks/Hour ...

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Introduction to Programming in C C ROOT

in C / C++ / ROOT Christopher Crawford 2008-10-01 Computer Architecture CPU (32/64 bit words) Instructions Read / Write / Arithmetic Branching / Subroutines Registers Program counter Stack counter (subroutines) Pre-emptive multitasking Memory – bytes (8 bit bytes) Address space (address, data): data (variables) text (CPU instructions) I/O (not memory at all) Virtual memory (paging) Input ...

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CSCE 330 Programming Language Structures

Pertanto, già nel 1625, il grande disegno è descritto nel Musaeum. Si tratta dell’unico grande cartone rinascimentale pervenuto quasi integro. Rispetto al dipinto manca l’architettura classica che accoglie e sovrasta il consesso di filosofi e la figura di Eraclito, aggiunta da Raffaello ad affresco ormai concluso, usando le sembianze di ...

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CSC458 Programming Assignment II NAT

TCP: Requirements. Endpoint-Independent Mapping behavior . If a mapping (x,px) (x’,px’) is created for a packet destined to (y1,py1) Then the same mapping is used for for packets from (x,px) to (y2,py2) (i.e. doesn’t depend on endpoints)

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DoS Suite and Raw Socket Programming

ICMP reset packets can be sent over a range of port addresses killing a connection you can not sniff. ... ICMP Ping (smurf) Attack DDoS attack Using a network of machines a lot more information can be sent at once Send ping requests to a network of machines with a return address of the “victim” machine If packets are send fast enough they ...

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